Unione Professionale per il Trust is a joint-stock company founded by a group of professionals, who decided to combine their respective skills and experience for the proper set-up and management of trusts.

Unique in the Italian field of trust companies, Unione Professionale per il Trust operates in the whole of Italy and provides consultancy and management services: we are at your disposal to analyze one by one those interests which might or should be protected by a trust…

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The Trust allows individuals and companies to resolve a wide range of assets, finance and management issues in a simple and effective way.

For instance, a trust can solve problems relating to the protection of movable or immovable assets, to the pressure of taxation reducing their profitability, to creditors claims and to succession…

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Choice of the law applicable to trusts.
A question of legal principles.

As provided by the Hague Convention, some domestic legal fact-situations are regulated by a foreign law.

This law can fulfill the required function only if it is based on similar principles as those characterizing domestic law…


In order to facilitate access to information on trusts, our “Publications” section includes a series of documents (ONLY in Italian language), such as circular letters, studies, statements or laws, arranged according to their subject.
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