It is increasingly common to choose as trustee a trust company, an organization exclusively devoted to trust management. The benefits in using a company instead of an individual person are manifolds: it avoids the implications due to the nature of the trustee as individual person, such as management depending on the decisions made by a single person, the state of health of the trustee and the need to replace him, tax and civil law implications and so on.

Unione Professionale per il Trust is a joint-stock company founded by a group of university professors, lawyers, notaries and accountants, who decided to combine their respective skills and experience for the proper set-up and management of trusts. For the first time, this functions are thus entrusted to a group of qualified professionals rather than to banks.

Unique in the Italian field of trust companies, our group has a twofold structure, according to the so-called German model, including two governance bodies: the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.

Our company operates in the whole of Italy and provides consultancy and management services: we are at your disposal to analyze one by one those interests which might or should be protected by a trust.

Our highly experienced professionals, taking part to company governance, have made the company a primary reference point in Italy and represent the best guarantee for the settlor, who can benefit of a trust set up according to his specific needs, in compliance with the applicable law, and of a safe management, to the advantage of the beneficiaries and/or in view of the desired objective.

This offers evident benefits: decisions on trust assets management are made by the Board of Directors, which operates under control of the Supervisory Board.

Both bodies are made up of professionals with an extensive experience in trusts.